Wheel Monsters

Buckled & Cracked Wheels

Alloy wheels can get buckled or cracked due to impacts between the wheel and the road. The most popular causes of damage occur when hitting a curb or pothole. Other factors include impacts on the road when driving on low profile tyres or run-flats.

If you are experiencing vibrations, shaking from the steering wheel or excessive tyre wear, then it is likely that your alloy wheel is suffering from either a crack or buckle.

If you are losing air from your tyres and keep having to inflate them, this can also mean that your alloy wheel may be cracked and requires welding.

The process of straightening a wheel involves considerable forces being applied to the wheels, we cannot guarantee that the wheel will not crack during the repair, causing welding work or excess damage to wheel making it unrepairable. Such repairs are undertaken at the customer’s own risk. There is no guarantee given with this type of repair.

Here at Wheel Monsters, we take care of all types of damage and repair to your wheels, as long as it is safe to do so. Our in house welders have over 20 years of experience so you know that you’re in safe hands.

To get a quote to repair your wheel please give us a call or send pictures of the damage via WhatsApp so we can assess your wheels correctly.

Buckle Removal Prices
Starting from £100 per wheel (Price dependent on the severity of the buckle).

Cracked Wheel Prices
£85 per wheel 1st crack only.
£45 per crack thereafter per wheel.

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